~ Sinking ~

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With the Big Move in two weeks and all of our stuff partially boxed up, the buyers of our old house giving us trouble and the new house not nearly finished, one Giant project at work and the self-inflicted (really exciting) idea of giving my blog a make-over together with a designer, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m even contemplating taking an extra week off from work because I just don’t see how and where I’m gonna fit everything that has to be done. I wish I could just sit in this pink chair and sink into the rug where it is all pink and fuzzy and most of all quiet. Please do excuse me when my posts the coming weeks are less frequent or if I seem to have dissapeared from the Twitter and blog radar all together. I do intend to return!

{ Sinking Chair by Tara Karsdorp sponsored by Millenerpoort & Gallerie Tydeman / photo by Paul de Graaff / styling by Kamer465 }

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AURORA Concepts is a creative agency dedicated to a conscious lifestyle. We offer services in (international) publishing & trendwatching

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